Buy Affordable Mp3 & Mp4 Tag Editors. They make music blogging simple as A,B,C; by inserting your blog details automatically into the songs, along with the name of the song and artiste. The song is uploaded directly to your database, and a link to it is generated with just one click.


This is mostly important to music audio and video bloggers. These scripts make your songs uploading extremely easy and save your data. With just one click, all the song’s tag (attributes) like Artistes’ name, track name, your blog name, your blog logo are automatically inserted and you get a direct download link to insert into your posts.


SCREENSHOT: Audio Mp3 Online Tag



  1. You get a script to edit offline. All your blog details would be specified in a php file provided the script.
  2. For example, you specify…….. ” || ” and ” @Update360_ng ” and others. When you enter the details of the song to upload like required in the screenshot above, the details of your blog will be added automatically by the script. The song will come out (for example, Falz is the Artiste and Jeje is the song name) as “Falz ||” and @Update360_ng would be also inserted in the song, to promote your blog; the song’s original album cover would also be replaced with your blog’s own that is added to the script during installation; and even your specified comment would be inserted in the comment section ‘eg, “downloaded from”.
  3. You enter your blog details just once when installing the script on your cPanel, and it would be inserted automatically when you want to upload new songs.
  4. The result page would give you a link to put in your post for visitors to download the song. The result page would be like the below screenshot.

Affordable Mp3 & Mp4 Tag Editors For Music Bloggers


SCREENSHOT: result Page For Mp3 Tag



  1. You upload songs extremely fast. Even a mixtape that has 200mb would be uploaded to your database within 2 seconds. This gives you the advantage of time-saving.
  2. You save data. Your internet data would be preserved as you don’t even need to download the songs from the sites where you see them. You only right_click on the song and click on ‘Copy URL’; this is what you paste inside where it says ‘LINK’ in the photo above.
  3. Save energy. Unlike before where you get tired by the time you upload like 10 songs, you hardly get tired when you start using mp3 tag to save energy. You just copy and paste the link to the song, name of song and artistes names. Thant’s it!
  4. Avoid mistakes. As we’re not computers, we tend to make mistakes when tired sometimes; but with this script, you hardly make mistakes (only Artistes name and song name could go wrong if you misspelled them or the source do this error).
  5. Get ahead. Well, if you have something saving time for you, it is expected that you’ll get ahead of others still entering the information manually.



Online mp4 tagger works just like the mp3 tag editor above. You enter the details in the script and upload to your cPanel. Every time you want to upload videos to your blog for your visitors to download, you won’t need to first download the videos first. You would just copy the link and paste in your script. Check out the screenshot below.

JPEG: Music Video Mp4 Online Tag

SCREENSHOT: Music Video Mp4 Online Tag



This script works just like the mp3 tag editor above. The advantages and benefits of the script are also the same. You save time, money, and stress; plus you get to start liking what you do the more, just like fish is to water.

Buy Affordable Mp3 & Mp4 Tag Editors

SCREENSHOT: Result- Music Video Mp4 Online Tag




The scripts are so affordable. The scripts, along with the installation guides cost:

  1. Mp3 Online Tag Editor -> 10,000 Nigerian Naira or $28 USD or 0.008 BitCoin
  2. Mp4 Online Tag Editor –> 7,000 Nigerian Naira or $20 USD or 0.006 BitCoin


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Buy Affordable Mp3 & Mp4 Tag Editors