PHOTO: Meet Update360ng

Update360ng is an EduTainment Website. We publish accurate music lyrics, translate popular Nigerian music lyrics mixed with Yoruba and or Igbo languages to English. We post latest audio music releases. Generally, we keep you Updated and EduTained 24/7.

PHOTO: Meet Update360ng

Our interests include:

  1.  Scoring and publishing lyrics to latest mp3 songs’ releases (Nigeria),
  2.  Translating popular songs from Yoruba language to English language,
  3.  Translating popular songs from Igbo language to English language, and
  4.  Updating on new, interesting music audio releases.


We are based in Lagos, but not limited to Lagos.
Office Address:
Suite 8, Octragon Plaza; Watch Tower,


Opening Hour-
9am to

Day of the Week-

Monday to Friday


Our Team is made up of informed and dedicated publishers.
Update360ng promotes good contents and has a wide portfolio of readers and regular visitors, in 9ja and the world at large
To promote your company, products, brands, etc, on our website and platforms, please reach us through our contacts page. (Reach us directly on +2348020558425 or +2348027581478). We are always open to comments and suggestions. Please feel free to send us your feedback.

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Who We Are: is a website that posts accurate music lyrics and lyrics English translations to popular Nigerian songs that their lyrics are mixed with indigenous Nigerian Yoruba and or Igbo languages. We also post latest songs by popular musicians in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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Advert Pricing & Duration:

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More Details & Contacts:

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To contact us as regarding advert, and how to pay, drop a message for us on the email below and/or call or Whatsapp us on the phone numbers below…


Phones: 08020558425 (Tino9n); 08027581478 (Bounty)

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