JPEG: Ice Prince- "Magic" Lyrics

As it dey hot, here is the dope lyrics to ‘Magic’ by Ice Prince Zamani. It’s all rap thingz. Also, download the audio mp3 below.


Y’all; hold on a second
Am dynamo plain, bitchh
Ahh; okay; dynamo plain, bitchh
Kind like 1am up here
Dynamo plain; heyyy


Heyy; am ’bout to bomb-u the earth [earth]

Taught this niggah; you’ the tough [tough]

Am ’bout to pull off the city
And I just spent 50,000 on a shirt [skoollll]
Bad bitchess love to twerk [twerk]
They like to party and flex [flex]
If this’ so probly; you know that ma single
lyrics goon; so it’s on a load
I’m a bad boy from the soil [soil]
All ma women looking soft [soft]
All ma women looking cocky as hell
And ma niggahs never give a fockk [fockk]
Mama told me “never trust”
In the Street- never give it up
Your homie could stab you for anything
Just like Judas sent Jesus to the cross
You already know the balls that we display [huur]
Getting starting these days [yeah]
Magazines like This Day [huur]
They love to put us on a replay
And you already know we’ never gon’ stop now
Tell ’em haters they should drop down [haa]
Shina Peller with da hooka loaded; [yeah]
Beau smoke from a pipe now [yeah]


Magic; Magic; Magic, Magic
Magic; Magic; Magic
Magic, Magic


Huur; huur; ladies talking behind ma back [back]
Trying to get me to be back [back]
They’ talking bad about me
Y’all now see me around, ask for autograph [chuchu]
That’s where I started to laugh [ehh]
That’s why I started to pass out [ehh]
I step inside on ya building- your ladies got crazy
Your brothers all ask out [skool; skool]
Fuck with the niggahh; you know I ain’t regular
[I ain’t regular; I ain’t regular]
Orhh; am sick to the brain, niggahh- my own Medulla
[My own Medulla; my own Medulla]
And if you ain’t gon’ me ’bout the money
Never halla on the cellular
Real niggahh; you already know the formula
Bad man never ball in the regular
[Skool, skool; yeah]


Tell me what you want?
Shordy gonna say- Magic!
She call me Dynamo Blain
Stop that traffic
When I pull up in the building
DJ, drop that Magic [Magic]
I know what am doing; am doing
I know what am doing; am doing
Magic [Magic]
Done up there; done up there
You know what am seeing?
That feels like; feels like
Magic [Magic]
Yeh yeh; Magic, Magic
Magic; Magic
Magic, Magic
Uhhh; Magic

[MUSIC LYRICS]: Ice Prince- “Magic”