JPEG: Nathaniel Bassey - "We Need You Now" (Album- Revival Flame)

Off the ten track album “Revival Flames” by the great worshiper Nathaniel Bassey, we bring to you the number 3 track, titled “We Need You Now” featuring Cynthia Maccauley & Pa. Emiko Amotsuka. Watch out, Nigeria is about to be revived, get and move along #TheInvasion2017.

It his evident from the quote below, that naija is about to be invaded, #TheInvasion2017:
“Mountains will flow down… Darkness will flee… Adversaries surrender At the sound of your voice.. Fire is burning, revival is here The nations will worship.. Jesus alone…” In the midst of so much gross darkness world over, The light of God is rising and sweeping across the nations of the earth. “REVIVAL FLAMES” is what it is, a sound and message of REVIVAL – Personal, local, national and global. It is also a Praise and Worship material. You will pray, sing, dance and rejoice in the Spirit as you listen to this.My prayer for you is that this work will fan to flame the fire of God in your life, in Jesus’ might name. Amen.” Get below “We Need You Now” audio.